Southern Delaware Intergroup — Carry the Message

Southern Delaware Intergroup — Carry the Message

The Southern Delaware Intergroup of Alcoholics Anonymous (SDIAA) meets the first Thursday of each month at 6 p.m. online via Zoom. Our monthly meeting minutes can be viewed here.

What is an Intergroup?

“An Intergroup (sometimes referred to as a central office) is an A.A. service office established to help carry the message of Alcoholics Anonymous to a certain geographical area. It is a partnership among groups in a community — just as A.A. groups themselves are partnerships of individuals. An intergroup is established to carry out certain functions common to all the groups — functions which are best handled by a centralized office — and it is usually maintained, supervised, and supported by these groups in their general interest. It exists to aid the groups in their common purpose of carrying the A.A. message to the alcoholic who still suffers.” — Reprinted from A.A. Guidelines, Central or Intergroup Offices with permission from A.A. World Services, Inc.

The graphic below represents the general relationship between Intergroups and the A.A. Service Structure. For more information, please see our Intergroup FAQ.


The Southern Delaware Intergroup

Southern Delaware Intergroup of Alcoholics Anonymous (SDIAA) is one of three intergroups in the Area 12 (Delaware General Service Assembly).

We are a committee of volunteers made up of representatives from the A.A. groups all over Sussex County Delaware and are directly responsible to those groups we serve. We encourage mutual support and cooperation among A.A. groups. For more information, see our informational pamphlet.

Who Runs the Southern Delaware Intergroup?

SDI-LogoThe trusted servants, elected by the Intergroup Representatives (IGRs), supervise the operation of Intergroup. These positions are chairperson, alternate chairperson, secretary, and treasurer. The chairperson also appoints committee chairs, with approval by the IGRs, to oversee the orderly administration of SDIAA. However, the groups, as represented by their IGR’s, have the ultimate responsibility and authority. Further reading, see Bylaws.

What Southern Delaware Intergroup Does

  • Maintain a 24-hour Helpline — This line is answered 24/7 to respond to inquiries about meetings and A.A. in general for members and the general public. This resource is considered essential for those new to A.A. who are looking for help with alcohol related issues.
  • Answer inquiries from the general public and individuals who think they may have a drinking problem, as well as field questions from treatment, court and medical professionals seeking information.
  • Establish local public information committees.
  • Inventory and sell A.A. conference approved literature at cost.
  • Maintain an informative, user-friendly website usable under any platform, browser, operating system & device.
  • Publish up-to-date meeting lists.
  • Coordinate with the A.A. Groups in Sussex County to take meetings into various facilities (prisons, treatment centers, hospitals, etc).
  • Cooperate with the local district committees and the Delaware General Service Assembly (Area 12).
  • Elect members to serve as area and district liaisons, and welcome their participation in intergroup meetings.
  • Coordinate the efforts of intergroup committees.
  • Serve as a communications center for participating groups to keep groups informed about one another.
  • Sponsor special functions.

How You Can Get Involved

  • Send an Intergroup Representative (IGR) from your Home Group to monthly Intergroup meetings. Having an IGR present at monthly meetings ensures that your Home Group has a voice at SDIAA. Monthly meetings are held at the first Thursday at 6 p.m. online via Zoom.
  • Split your group’s 7th tradition collection as suggested in the AA pamphlet, Self Support: Where Money and Spirituality Mix.
  • Help a Committee — Consider serving on one of our standing service committees. They’re always looking for help with their activities.
  • Volunteer to Help Out on an Upcoming Event — Fun activities are a great way to get people involved. If you want to participate in Intergroup activities but are not an Intergroup Representative, feel free to attend Intergroup meetings and volunteer to help out with any of activities sponsored by SDIAA.