Website Policy

Website Policy

This website is owned by the Southern Delaware Intergroup of Alcoholics Anonymous (SDIAA) for the benefit of alcoholics, Alcoholics Anonymous (A.A.) groups, and A.A. members in the area served in Sussex County, Delaware.

The purpose of the website shall be to assist A.A. in the southern Delaware area in carrying the message of A.A. One of the main purposes is to direct anyone in need to Alcoholics Anonymous meetings, as well as provide general information about A.A.

It is neither affiliated with, nor endorsed by Alcoholics Anonymous World Services, Inc.

The following guidelines indicate the types of content acceptable for publication on this website. These guidelines have been approved by the Website Committee that manages the site. Any disputes surrounding content on this site are resolved by the Website Committee, or the elected SDIAA Officers, as appropriate.

  1. All information presented must comply in spirit with the Twelve Traditions of Alcoholics Anonymous and be consistent with the A.A. Internet Guidelines.
  2. The website is required to offer meeting schedules served by the four Districts in Sussex County, Delaware.
  3. All information posted on this website is limited to information from recognized A.A. Service Boards, as well as activities relevant to SDIAA’s service area.
  4. Links on this website are limited to known A.A. service entities. However the website may link or refer to a non-A.A. entity only if that entity is attached to an A.A. meeting or event; or a tool or process used in the functioning of the website.
  5. Links to individual members’ A.A. websites are not permitted.
  6. All links to domains outside the domain must open a new window or tab.
  7. All information presented must comply with applicable copyright law.
  8. As anonymity is the “spiritual foundation of all our Traditions,” we practice anonymity on this website. Therefore no personally identifiable information about any A.A. member, living or dead, including phone numbers, full names, addresses, or photographs, are permitted on the website (including photos of Bill W. and Dr. Bob).